BC needs to play Miami nine more times

After looking like utter balls for the past month BC somehow beat The U for the second time this year. Now beating a school that cares only about their felonious football team and Bo Schembeckler shouldn’t matter much but it does. Because as one of the few remaining BC bball fans that doesn’t wear a paper bag over his head, wins are wins. Will they win again this year? There is a better chance that Martha Coakley will win the senate seat in two years. BTW great campaign moron. She is like the 2004 Yankees, strong start and wimpered at the end. This is the only political reference you will see on this site that doesn’t involve Lord Palmerstone. Now you can all resume not giving a rats ass about BC SPORTS.


4 Responses to “BC needs to play Miami nine more times”

  1. Jean van de Velde : 1999 British Open :: Martha Coakley : 2010 Senate Special Election

  2. I'll have you know I went through that whole post not giving a rat's ass about BC sports.

  3. By the way I think that Pitt the Elder was a much better Prime Minister….

  4. don't hate on the U! haven't had a felon in years, while the gators and noles down here rack up convicts…fan of the blog from the 305, ya our hoops team sucks and football is floundering, but we have latin tits!

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