Opposing Offenses You Have Been Warned

Mark Herzlich is some sort of god/ Hercules creation.

There I said it. After missing the entire 2009 season with Ewing’s Sarcoma, and beating the ever loving shit out of his cancer, Herzlich is back. What did the BC linebacker do while battling cancer and receiving chemo? Oh, just continued to lift weights, work out, and raise almost $200,000 for cancer research. And he never threw up from the radiation. Rumor has it that he was still lifting 250 pounds in the midst of his treatment. Jesus Christ, I can honestly say that if I got cancer, I would be in bed crying from pain, and it would be a minor miracle if I could get out of bed so I don’t shit my boxers (probably Depends at that point).

How the hell is Mark Herzlich practicing a year after being diagnosed with a potentiall fatal cancer? Because he was sprouted from the loins of Zeus, that’s why. Next year, as he leads the Eagles out of the tunnel against Weber State, I expect him to be carrying a huge American flag, carrying Osama Bin Laden’s head by his turban. If an NFL career doesn’t work out for Herzlich, I could forsee a career in rebuilding Haiti by himself, overnight, or possibly fixing the National deficit with nothing more than a abacus, a paperclip and some string.

Personally, I am beyond pumped to see BC next year. Beyond that I am a giant sap, that almost cried numerous times watching videos of his recovery, I think he is going to be AWESOME next year. Fluff pieces happen so infrequently here on Mass Hysteria, but my love of Herzlich is bordering on creepy, stalkerish, Matt Ryan level. You have all been warned.


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