Sometimes It’s Good to Drop a Baby

So the artist formerly known as Glen “Big Baby” Davis is now the artist currently known as Glen Davis. And with that, Glen is currently searching for a new nickname. Awesome, right? There’s got to be a ton! Why we could go with… what’s that, Glen?

“‘Uno Uno,'” Davis erupted in delight. “I like that, I like that. I’ll be ‘Uno Uno,’ that’s my new name.”

Oh wow, there’s an original one! Wow, let’s just start calling everyone by their jersey numbers in Spanish! Alex Rodriguez, you’re no longer A-Rod: you’re Uno Tres. Big Papi? Nope: Tres Cuatro. AK47? Try Cuatro Siete.

See how boring and unoriginal that is? Jeez, Glen, leave it to the experts, i.e. us.
Here’s Mass Hysteria’s list of potential new nicknames for Glen Davis:

Glandular Baby
Husky Baby
Big Cholesterol
The Other Dark Meat
Glass Hands McFatty
Big ChildSteamroller
Fat Men Can’t Jump
King Hippo
The Abominable Abdominal
The Mad Phat Trans Fat
Marcellus Wallace
“Now Starting in Tonight’s Celtics Loss..”
Worst.KG Insurance.Ever.
Not-Glenn Davis
Hugh Grant ….think about it.


One Response to “Sometimes It’s Good to Drop a Baby”

  1. Count my vote for "King Hippo".

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