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Somewhere in Atlanta, Matt Ryan is smiling

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(photo courtesy of Everyday Should be Saturday)
One of the hardest games I ever watched was the then #2 Boston College Eagles losing at home to the Florida State Criminoles. No, I was not naive enough to think that BC team was title game worthy, but we had a Heisman candidate in Matty McDreamy, and were undefeated going into an national televised game against FSU. So yeah, at that point I was a little bonkers about BC’s chances: SCREW IT BRING ON OKLAHOMA OR TEBOW WE CAN TAKE THEM! To best recap the game, just imagine Baldwin going to the Center of Alumni Stadium, pulling down his pants and taking a giant bird shit in front of the cameras. That’s basically what it felt like. This game was definitely one of those moments where I had to deal with the stark realization that “You route for a team that holds their players to such rigorous academic standards that stud prospects don’t go here, you will never be a contender for the National Title”

But now Bobby Bowden and his crew of mongoloids have to vacate 12 wins, because, well they dun read dat gud. I guess that’s what happens when your entire football team is at Strokers while Myron Rolle does their homework for all of them. But somewhere in my diluted little mind “vacated” means “BC wins”, and sit at my desk and daydream about the BCS bowl we should have gone to. Ugh, I need a life.


BC needs to play Miami nine more times

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After looking like utter balls for the past month BC somehow beat The U for the second time this year. Now beating a school that cares only about their felonious football team and Bo Schembeckler shouldn’t matter much but it does. Because as one of the few remaining BC bball fans that doesn’t wear a paper bag over his head, wins are wins. Will they win again this year? There is a better chance that Martha Coakley will win the senate seat in two years. BTW great campaign moron. She is like the 2004 Yankees, strong start and wimpered at the end. This is the only political reference you will see on this site that doesn’t involve Lord Palmerstone. Now you can all resume not giving a rats ass about BC SPORTS.

Ron Brace the defense looks to you

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Ty Warren. Out.
Vince Wilfork. Out.
Myron Prior. Out.

Now with all of these injuries the Pats should be royally fucked. But they aren’t, for you see they have a secret weapon that has been sitting on the bench all year. A defensive player, who is being groomed to replace Vince Wilfork when he leaves to get that huge payday from the St. Louis Rams next year. His name is Ron Brace, and he graduated from Boston College last year, where he and BJ Raji last year combined to eat and destroy most opposing D’s.

Brace isn’t as large as Raji, but last year he had quite a season. As a BC fan, I literally shat my pants when the Pats drafted him in the second round last year, well ok not literally. But as the season progressed and undrafted Prior played more and more, I was curious, where the hell was Brace? Too dumb to pick up on Belichick’s schemes? Not good enough? Well today should be a good barometer of what we can expect from the LARGE rookie. And what better team to play against than the Bills who are led by J.P Losman, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who the fuck knows, their QB situation is awful. Brace has never been a pass rusher, he is bred in a similar style to Wilfork, which is to be a run stopper. Which is perfect timing because the Bills have a particularly good runner in :

Otherwise this game should be a walk in the park for the Pats. As long as Brady is in one piece he is better than anyone on the Bills, and if the O-Line can prevent Aaron Schoebel from killing him this one is in the bag. Randy Moss, contrary to the “Manny treatment” the Boston Media has unleashed on him, has not given up on his team, and probably will scorch the Bills secondary for 100+ yards. On a side note, fuck you Boston media for questioning Moss, he is been our unquestioned leader for years, and you question his heart because of a dropped pass, a misrun route, and a fumble? Blow me.

Pats win this one easy. Patriots 24 Bills 10