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We Dun Made It To The Big Top

Posted in big time, burger king gives you diabetus ask GHABBY, HZMLS on July 2, 2010 by hzmls
Mass Hysteria finally has made it to the elite level of foul mouthed, New England Based Sports Blogs. We were actually featured on the CSNNE blog today….Boy oh boy I hope Sean McAdams reads our site…

CSNNE Sports Featuring Mass Hysteria

Check out their site, and GHABBY’s post over there on Paul Pierce and his potential new deal. Even when we were warned that we had to “tone down our content”, it still came out pretty good!


Breakfast with the Hysterics

Posted in Breakfast, burger king gives you diabetus ask GHABBY, Hazel Maes Landing strip, HZMLS on December 19, 2008 by hzmls

Raquel must have been pretty excited to watch her Bruins score 8 goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs. They had 8 points in a game, which must be some sort of NHL record. David Krejci (who before yesterday I have never heard of before LEARNED MORE ABOUT AFTER RESEARCHING RAQUEL’S POSTS, here, here and here) nailed a hat trick for the Bruins. On the baseball front, shockingly the Red Sox have pulled out of the Mark Texeira sweepstakes. Hysterics get your little note books out and write this down “HZMLS believes John Henry’s entire communicado to the media is just a ploy to play hard ball with Boras. Boras plays on the offensive in most of his negotations, and in a brilliant move the Sox turned the tables on him. HZMLS still believes the Sox will sign Texeira”. Did you write that down?

My piece of random rubbish for today is the announcement that Burger King is releasing it’s own brand of body spray. The spray is called “Flame” and the company describes the product as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” So wait, does BK really think that smelling like burgers is attractive to females? Well maybe it is, to morbidly obese middle aged women and canines, but does that really count? I worked at Micky D’s when I was in High School, and for years I tried to get the horrid stench of processed meat and greasy french fries. And I never got laid in High School, hell I don’t think anyone that works in a fast food joint gets any action. There are still days that I can smell Big Mac special sauce, and I vomit a little in my mouth.

Hold on to everything you hold onto dearly folks, the Boston area is preparing for a massive snowstorm today. We are looking at 6-12 inches (that’s what she said), which severely impedes on my “going out and getting loaded” plans for tonight. But for right now, I appear to be the only one alive amongst the editors, mainly because my work was canceled yesterday. So with nothing to do, and with the reality that I am going to get stuck in my apartment for the day, you all are going to get stuck with a unhealthy dosage of HZMLS today. So strap yourself in and prepare for the ride baby, its going to be hella bumpy.